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January 26, 2019

Disney truly is the most magical place on Earth! It is my happy place! So when I had the opportunity to go down but only spend ONE day in the parks, I said Yes Please! Compared to the alternative of missing out it was an easy answer. I had been planning this trip to be a weekend affair but as the pieces fell it ended up on Jordan’s Senior Homecoming weekend. Alas our trip was cut short. I’m going to tell you how we made the most of it though and got some Amazing Senior Portraits!

#1 Wake up Early

The last thing you want to do in Disney is sleep in, my husband would disagree, but you have to make the most of your time. If that means being at the rope drop to a park at 8am then Rise and Shine! This was especially important to me this trip because we only had one day to get everything in. So check the Disney Calendar for park hours and plan to be there when they open. This is when you will get the least amount of crowds and some of the best pictures!

#2 Carry a Backpack

I use to be against this, I was one of those that took like a phone and one card so I wouldn’t have anything to carry around. No matter if that is what you start with you will always end up with more. The last few trips I found me a simple cute little back pack on Amazon (this one) that I got monogrammed at home and use on every trip. When you have a backpack you are able to keep your hands free for picture taking and eating Dole Whips! You can take snacks and water bottles to keep from spending extra money. If you buy souvenirs you can load them up and cut down on so many bags. Very handy if you have children that want you to hold EVERYTHING!! Trust me on this one!

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#3 Have a Plan

I love a spontaneous trip, but Disney is not the best place for one. Most of all when you only have a few days to fit everything in. Start by using a Travel Agent! They will be able to help you plan all of your FastPass+ and Dining Reservations. This is especially important so you are not spending all of your time running from one side of the park to the other. When you plan your Fast Pass+ in order of the park you can save time and energy! Especially important when you only have a day!!

#4 Take Advantage of late hours

This particular trip we knew we had to make the most of our one day. So the day we chose the park closed at 6pm, but also had Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party going on! It our first time attending! Yes it was a little pricy to buy tickets for the Park during the day and the party at night but it was 100% worth it. The park stayed open until midnight! So we were able to enjoy lesser crowds during the day and go back to the room to swim a while and get in our costumes for the party. It was so much fun to dress up and being at Magic Kingdom after dark is a whole other experience. I always suggest planning your days around which parks stay open late or have late Extra Magic Hours!

#5 Enjoy the Moment

Disney can sometimes be overwhelming, but don’t let that ruin the Magic. You have to slow down and enjoy making memories with your loved ones! Surprisingly this one day trip was one of my more memorable trips to Disney. We soaked in every treat we stopped to eat, photo we stopped to take, and even enjoyed our conversations standing in lines for rides. Yes it can be crowded and hot and tiring but if you stop to look around at the Magic and Joy in peoples eyes you can see why this really is the Happiest Place on Earth. 

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  1. I love Disney myself; I feel like the older I have gotten; the more engrossed I have gotten. Nevertheless, I wish I would have thought to have a plan + gotten their early last year. I had one day…more like one afternoon and barely got to see any of the park! God willing, I hope to go this year and I am following your advice…early is best!

    1. Yes I hope you get to go back!! The shorter the trip the more you have to pack in!! Just plan ahead and go early and I think you will get more out of your trip!!! 🙂

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