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Fun Things to do in Minneapolis

October 6, 2018

1. Stay in an airbnb in Longfellow

Before our trip I scoured the internet for the perfect place to stay for our vacay! I looked at our Bluegreen Options, Choice Reward Hotels and finally settled on Airbnb since we needed multiple bedrooms. Then I narrowed down the search to outside of downtown but not to far away from US Bank Stadium. There were many great options but I settled on one in Longfellow, an adorable neighborhood in south Minneapolis. The house we stayed in was THE BEST, the host Frankie thinks of everything. We had a Nespresso machine with all different flavors, a bowl of chocolates and Red Bulls and other drinks in the refrigerator. The house was clean and comfy and cozy! The neighborhood was so nice that I seriously looked into houses for sale in the area, it would be a great place to live. Just a short two block walk down the street and we found an amazing coffee shop, Dogwood Coffee Company. I loved having everything we needed, market, restaurants, coffee shops with in walking distance. I will stay here every time we go! 

2. Eat dinner family style

Ever heard of Buca de Beppo Italian Restaurant…yeah I hadn’t either!! Let me tell you though, if you ever find one you must eat there! Turns out its a chain, there are locations spread throughout the US, you can click here to see if there is one near you. It is some of the best Itialian dishes that I have ever had. Its family style so when you order you can get enough for 3 people or 5 people. There were 5 of us so we opted for the larger portion of the Chicken Carbonara and Cheese Manicotti. They were both AMAZING! The decor made you feel like you were inside the house of a sweet Italian fmaily that had you over for dinner! A definite must try and you have two locations to pick from, Central Minneapolis and St. Paul!

3. Catch a vikings game

Let me tell you…if you have never been to US Bank Stadium you are missing out!! This place is AWESOME! This is our second time getting to come here, the first time around we actually got a private after hours tour. You can see that post here. The stadium opened in 2016 and has all of the modern day amenities you can imagine. There is not a bad seat in the house. We love our Vikings and want to get up here to see them as often as possible. This go round we came home with a WIN too!!

4. go to Minnehaha falls

I wish that you guys could hear the sound of this amazing waterfall in these pictures. It was so breathtaking. You can get pretty close to it too. There is a walking trail that leads you to the bottom of the falls (beware there are A LOT of stairs). This gorgeous waterfall is in Minnehaha Park, so there is plenty to do there as well, you could make a day of it! We actually rented NiceRide bikes and rode from our Airbnb in Longfellow all the way down to the falls. It was a bit of a ride but beautiful the whole way. Have a mentioned I Love this part of the city?!?! There is a great little restaurant in the park called Sea Salt Eatery that I heard several recommendations for. Its also a great place to take your dog, we saw lots of them running and fetching. It is a gem that makes you forget you are in a big city. 

5. have dinner at j.d. hoyts supper club

J.D. Hoyts is our favorite restaurant in Minneapolis. We do not make the trip without it. Let me first tell you about their cornbread, its an appetizer on the menu, it comes with a generous portion and honey to dip it in. Being from Alabama I’m sure your thinking cornbread is a staple whats so special about it. I can tell you that it is the BEST cornbread I have ever had! My brother loves it so much that he has craved it for a solid two years until we brought him back for more. He even ordered a whole other order just to bring all the way home with him. Cornbread isn’t the only thing they have going on. Everything we have ever ordered has been amazing. This go round I had the Steak Spaulding, which is a filet topped with a crab cake and béarnaise sauce. Oh my it was to die for. This place is a must yall!

6. mall of america

You CANNOT go to Minneapolis without going to the Mall of America. As a matter of fact you can’t go without spending two days at the MOA. This place is insane!! First of all it has an amusement park with roller coasters in the middle and an aquarium in the basement yall! Enough said! Seriously though you could come here everyday for a week and still find stores and food you missed! We do it every time! Some of my favs…Crave, Poukie, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Davids Tea. They have every store you can think of, great Vikings Merchandise too. We live in AL so you can imagine our options are limited, so we go crazy when we come here!! Must trys….SpongeBobs Roller Coaster and Zipling across the Mall, you won’t regret it!!!

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