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US Bank Stadium- Minneapolis, MN

August 29, 2018

Football Season is upon us you guys! I don’t know about you but I am so pumped! We have almost arrived at my favorite time of the year! Sweater weather, leaves falling, football on the tv and pumpkin everything! Also coming up is our next adventure, in 2 short weeks we will be headed to one of our favorite places–> Minneapolis, Minnesota. The last time we were up there was December of 2016. It was our first trip to the Twin Cities and we had a blast. Let me tell you a little about that trip…

Everyone we know is aware of what huge Vikings fans we are. I am lucky enough to have a boss that hooked us up with a friend of a friend and he managed to get us a behind the scenes tour of the amazing US Bank Stadium. At the time the stadium had only just opened in July.  So when we arrived in Minneapolis we went straight to the hotel and dropped off our luggage and headed to the stadium. Just seeing it in person when diving up to it was amazing! The sheer size of it is astounding! Its beautiful!

We had to look around for the right entrance in the misting freezing rain, we found our new friend and were let in a side entrance! I immediately felt like a super star…here we were getting to go inside this huge stadium on a Wednesday night! The only people there were employees getting ready for game day! We began our tour looking at some of the most beautiful art work throughout the stadium.

We were making our way to the suites. We got to  see how the other half lives. Private kitchens, bars and leather embroidered seats! This was the only chance we will ever have to be in a suite there (know what I mean).

From there we slowly made our way down looking at all of the amazing things this stadium has to offer. It is truly a modern work of art. We got to go all the way down to the field next. We came out where the players walk onto the field…this was so surreal! This is what we watch on TV!! I was beyond excited to put my feet on the actual field that our Vikings play on!! Ahhh!!

While we were down there we got to watch the Mascot, Viktor, taking promo photos on the field unveiling the new color rush uniform for the Thursday night game we would be attending the next day! We then got to walk past the locker room and see the Viking Ship and Gong underneath the stadium. Once we headed out we had one last treasure to find. When the stadium was being built I received an email about purchasing brinks that could be engraved with your own message. I thought this would be a great gift for my husband. So for the first time ever he got to actually see his brick in the walkway around the Viking Ship outside of the stadium.

It was truly an amazing experience. If you ever have a chance to catch a game at US Bank Stadium I highly recommend you go experience it!!

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