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Walking in Memphis

July 10, 2018

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis, TN with my husband. He had to go for work so I tagged along to play! I had never been to Memphis before so I did my usual Pinterest research on the best places to eat and shop before we ever left. I knew that he would have the car so I found a hotel downtown in walking distance to everything I wanted to see and do.

When we arrived it was late so we checked in and enjoyed the peace and quite. We always stay at Choice Reward Hotels because my husband is a member because of all the traveling he does. I love Choice Rewards and highly recommend their Reward program if you too travel a lot for business. This time we stayed at Sleep Inn at Courtyard Square! When I woke up the next morning I was delighted to see that there were food trucks setting up in the Square!!

First I needed coffee! Always the most important of any vacay! I had a short walk to this adorable coffee shop called Qahwa! Simple but delicious! I got my coffee and headed for the square! I walked around and watched as the food trucks were setting up! I LOVE food trucks and one day hope to own one of my own! I found a picnic table and sat down to enjoy my coffee! I was soon joined by some Memphis residents that were eager to get the day going, they were giving out ice cream to local children! It was a Thursday and yet everybody was out and about since it was Food Truck day! I sat and chatted for awhile before checking the time to see that it was time to go if I wanted to see the Ducks at the Peabody Hotel! A must according to Pinterest! So I headed off for a 20 min walk to the Peabody!

The Peabody

The Peabody Hotel is famous for its Ducks! You heard that right! These adorable ducks are lead down from their home on the roof of the hotel twice a day to the gorgeous fountain in the middle of the hotel! They are led by the Duck Master who tells the story of how this 85 year old tradition got started! It was priceless and there were so many people there to see it! I am so glad that I got to witness those adorable little ducks! I even got to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee while waiting! Don’t think I didn’t leave there without a Duck shirt either! 

Food Truck Thursday at Court Square

Oh My Food Trucks! By the time I walked back to Court Square the food trucks had multiplied! There was every kind of food you could think of: BBQ, Pizza, Ice Cream, Desserts, even Sushi! To make things even better they had a local band playing in the gazebo! It was such a fun experience! I settled on Central BBQ, hello I was in Memphis after all! I got the best BBQ Nachos! I also made a friend in line, we sat on a bench and enjoyed our lunch together!

Beale Street

Beale Street was another must on Pinterest! Most important to me however was eating at BB King Blues Club! I was so happy when they sat us up in the rafters with a perfect view of the band that was playing! It was just like I hoped it would be! The food was amazing…I had Fried Catfish and Randy had BBQ Ribs! After dinner we took a stole down Beale Street! We found the best little gift shop, A. Schwab, with a Soda Fountain built right in! So to end the day we had Milkshakes!

I highly recommend Memphis for a weekend getaway! We had the best time! 

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I went to Memphis once and had a great trip. It was with my mother and we went to the pyramid to a Titanic exhibit. Even walked down Beale Street, I am not much of a big city person but Memphis was a great time with great memories. I will have to return, thanks for the great ideas. Have to find out about these ducks!

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