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48 Hours in ATL

July 24, 2018

Who’s ready for football?? I am!!!! Every year about half way through summer I start to miss it!! So in honor of that…here is a throwback to a trip we took in December to Atlanta for a game!!! 

I know being from the south you totally expect us to be Atlanta Falcons fans or even New Orleans Saints fans, but no not even close! We are die-hard Minnesota Vikings fans! It started with my husband, growing up he watching Vikings football with his uncle who was from up north, there began his love for the Vikings! I didn’t even like football until we got together. Now I love the Vikings, I love football all around, heck I even play Fantasy Football!! We try to go to at least one game a year. This past year we were lucky enough to have the Vikings playing the Falcons in Atlanta, just a short 6 our drive from where we live. ROAD TRIP!!

So after a long day at the office we took off on Friday December 1st and headed towards Atlanta. We got there super late, checked into the comfort inn downtown south and snuggled right in!! we always stay at choice hotels because we love their rewards program. 

Saturday morning we were up and ready to hit the road! We started out by finding somewhere that we could watch college football! We are Auburn Tiger fans and we just happened to be playing the Georgia Bulldogs that day! Sure to be a good game! I googled and read reviews and we hopped in an Uber to a place I found called Park Tavern. When  we got there it was busy but we only had to wait for about 15 minutes. We grabbed the table that two sweet ladies and their pups were leaving. Yep you can bring your dogs!!! This place is great, its pretty much a half indoor half tent style with an ICE RINK in the middle!! No joke, people were ice skating right up to the bar to order drinks!! I’m no good at ice skating or I would have been right out there with them! 



Once we got our table and our lunch order in I hopped right up to the Bloody Mary bar!! It was amazing by the way! Then went back to watch some football on one of their many tvs and waited for my lunch (Smoked Bacon and Shroom Burger…to die for)!!! After watching the game and enjoying beer and Bloody Mary’s we headed back to the hotel. 

After a nap (I mean who doesn’t like a little nap on vaca) we all got ready for dinner. Randy found us our dinner spot, the oldest independent brewery restaurant in Atlanta, Max Lagers. Boy were we in for a treat!! The place is gorgeous, the building has so much character.  We got right down to busniess…I mean after all we are at a brewery…and ordered a couple of flights!! My personal favorite was the Hopsplosion!!! On came the food…I got the House Smoked Hickory Pork Chop, it will make you slap your mama its so good!

After a delightful dinner that I would recommend to everyone we turned in for the night to get ready for game day!

Once the gates opened we went inside for our first look at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We walked around a bit checking everything out before we found our seats. It is super nice! Game time was epic and we just so happened to come out on top! Only thing better then getting to go to a game is Winning!!! We had such a great little weekend in ATL and can’t wait to do it again! 

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