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Hi Everyone!!! I’m Jenna! I’m so glad you stopped by! 

I am a small town girl (literally) from south Alabama! Seriously we only have 2 red lights in our town! Be that as it may I Love where I live! Know what else I love…to travel! When I was growing up I had big dreams of moving to a big city! As I grew up though I realized how lucky I was to be born in such a beautiful place! 

One thing that everyone knows about me is Disney World is my Favorite Place in the whole world!! I tell my husband all the time that I want to retire there so I can be a greeter to the children as they come in! There is pure magic that lives there and I turn into a 10 year old every time I pass through the gates! When I was a child my parents would skimp and save so they could take me. We would run from one end of the park to the other! I have the BEST memories from those trips! I think that is why Disney World will always be my Happy Place! 

Now that I am older and our only daughter is a Senior in high school (WHERE does the time go) we are able to travel more then we ever could before. My husband and I are having to learn how to entertain ourselves again! Our favorite thing to do is take weekend trips! We live in such a great part of the US that we can take a few hour car ride to a new place for the weekend! It doesn’t cost a lot of money and we learn what new places have to offer!

I want to share with you what I learn along the way! 

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